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Latest News
Oct06Students August - December 2016

During the renovation of Knud Rasmussen Folk Highschool buildings, the activities moved to the Oqaatsinik Pikkorissarfik throughout the renovation period. During the renovation, the College is not receiving students from other parts of Greenland because there are no dorm/ rooms available during the ...

May10Renovation of Knud Rasmussenip Højskolia

Because of the extensive renovation of Knud Rasmussenip Højskolia buildings, the main building will be closed during the period July 1st 2016 till March 1st 2017. In this period we will not be able to have normal acticity at the school and therefore no admission of students from the shore in the fal...

May10completion of januar - may 2016

There will be completion for january - may students may 13th 2016. We wish our students wonderful safe trip back home to family and friends, and we wish them all a wonderful future

Oct12januar - maj 2016 højskoleophold

Du kan hente ansøgningsskema for højskoleophold 2016, den finder du under menu 'om krh' scroll ned til 'formularer' og derfra kan du printe den og aflevere den til Piareersarfik, hvis du har spørgsmål er du velkommen til at ringe til højskolen på telefon nummer 86 40 32

Sep10Beautiful Greenland

Greenland's natural beauty to be experienced by the new student will and have occur. I am sure you and otheres will never get tired of the beautiful scenery. Our students were hiking / fishing / hunting reindeer from september 1st and returned again to school on September 4th. They came home with re...

Sep10August - December 2015 new students

We will welcome our new student, startday: August 24th and end: December 11 2015. We look forward to be around our new students and we wish them all a good and educational months in KRH

May28Family school period: may 26 thru june 5th

Family School will be held in the above period from May 26 thru June 5th with participants from Ilulissat Saqqaq, Qeqertaq, Sisimiut and Napasoq. Parents with children and single parents are attending <3

May11january - may 2015 students

we reached the point where the j anuary-may 2015 school ends : Wednesday may 13th at 13:00 to 15:30 students' crafts are displayed and can be purchased by interested we look forward to seeing you Thursday may 14 at 18:30 @ MINI hall spectacle show of students' own plays ( this is moved from Taseral...

Mar29Sorlak Inuusuttai / Sorlak Ungdom

Sorlak Inuusuttai 17-it tungaanut ukiulinnut pikkorissartitsisoqassaaq SORLAK suleqatigalugu, paasisaqarnerorusukkuit Nuumi Sorlaap allaffia atassuteqarfigiuk. Sorlak Inuusuttai højskolissapput piffissami 13. juli - 24. juli Inuusuttut nuannisartaqaat angusaqarluartarlutillu inuusuttuaraatisi neriup...

Mar29naqinnernik ilisarsisinnaanngitsunut pikkorissartitsineq / læse- og skrivesvage/ordblinde kursus

Naqinnernik ilisarsisinnaangitsunut pikkorissartitsisoqassaaq 15. juni - 26. juni 2015, pikkorissarnissaq akeqassaaq aamma Sisimiut avataaneersut ilaarusuttut bilittissartik nammineq akilissavaat taamatuttaaq ineqarneq, nerisaqarnerlu akeqassapput. Annerusumik paasisaqarusukkuit sianerit 86 40 32


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